A Magical Weekend of Yoga and Music

Cihangir Yoga, İstinye — 12:00 am

A Magical Weekend of Yoga and Music

We are honored to welcome authentic and heart-centered yoga expert and musician Saul David Raye, who has an immense experience in Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Bhakti Yoga and Tantra Yoga, at Cihangir Yoga on July 13-15, 2018. Don’t forget to arrange your summer calendar for this very special event.

Saul David Raye, who will be coming to Turkey for the first time, has been an inspiration to thousands of people in many different countries around the world into the future with his unique and heart-centered teaching for over 25 years. Saul creates a safe space for participants to establish a strong connection with their power and inner truth in his yoga and spiritual development workshops.

At this very special weekend, experienced musician Jim Beckwith will accompany Saul David Raye, who is also a Kirtan artist. On Saturday, July 15th, Saul David Raye and Jim Beckwith will make a summer night’s feast with their Kirtan music and Lemongrass with its healthy food at our İstinye studio.

Date: July 13-15, 2018

13 Friday 19: 30-22.00 (Yoga Practice)
14 Saturday 13: 00-15.30 (Yoga Practice) and 18: 30-21.00 (Kirtan and Dinner)
15 Sunday. 13: 00-15.30 (Yoga Practice)

Location: Cihangir Yoga, İstinye Yoga, together with Kirtan, Heart, Deep Practice and great food at the Lemongrass.

Price: 510 TL (Early–bird price for 450 TL until June 14th) (Yoga workshops on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Kirtan with dinner on Saturday evening is included in the price. If you can’t attend the whole program, you can participate in one single workshop for 140 TL and/or Saturday evening Kirtan + Dinner for 90 TL)

Program Details

Honey in the Heart ~ Weekend Yoga + Music Immersion 

Yoga Practice ~ Breathwork ~ Meditation ~ Kirtan ~ Live Music ~ Heart Wisdom Teachings

with acclaimed teacher Saul David Raye 

+ master musician / sound healer Jim Beckwith 

We are living in a time of great awakening and transformation both individually and collectively. As we each awaken, heal and reconnect to the source of life within we become the change that is needed. Yoga is an ancient technology of wholeness, reconnecting us back to the source of life, love & truth within. To both ancient mystics and modern medicine the human heart holds special significance as the center of life within and the seat of our deeper soul consciousness.

Join us for these immersive practices weaving the teachings of yoga, bhakti + tantra with a healing heart centered yoga asana practice, breathwork, meditation, chanting, music and community ! Honey in the Heart is the return to our original soul nature and the sweetness that heals within and without.

Yoga classes will include a short dharma talk and beautiful live music with master musician / sound healer Jim Beckwith

Atma Kirtan/ Ecstatic Chant is an interactive mantra music concert with Saul and Jim and special guests.

All levels are welcome. 

Friday Night July 13 / 19:30-22:00

Awakening Heart!  – Master Yoga Class with Live Music 

Both yoga and physics reveal to us that the Universe is a continuum of energy and is constantly evolving and awakening. We are each an essential part of this process and connected to everything. To the ancients, life is the journey of the soul, it is for the purpose of awakening. This class will support and focus on the the awakening heart within each of us through the the practice heart / soul centered yoga asana, breathwork, meditation and chanting. A yoga + music experience for body.mind and soul !

Saturday July 14 / 13:00-15:30

Prana Shati – Soul Sadhana  

According to ancient yogic teachings, Prana is the gateway to the Soul – She is  Mother of all things, the inner teacher, she gives life, sustenance and consciousness to all beings. Ancient Yoga was centered  or rooted in prana.  This  class will share teachings and practices to help us awaken and strengthen the flow of prana (life energy) within, connect with the intuitive living  intelligence of prana  and open the gateway to the infinite within.  All levels welcome – healing  prana based asana practice , breathwork and meditation and live music.

Saturday July 14 / 18:30-21:00

Atma Kirtan / Ecstatic Chant with Saul David Raye + Jim Beckwith + Friends

Join us for a soul-stirring evening of Ecstatic chanting in community to uplift, inspire and reconnect us to the heart. Atma kirtan combines ancient mantras, medicine songs, soulful grooves, eastern and western instruments and heart connection and invokes an experience of deep, raw and ecstatic connection to life. dancing, meditation and prayer all flow from the soul and connect us back to that which is beyond words. AUM…

Sunday July 15 / 13:00-15:30 

Untying the Knots of the Heart: Healing Yoga & Meditation 

Sacred wisdom traditions and quantum science affirm that the Spiritual Heart is the center of our being, the place where all polarities dissolve and our essence resides.  Join us for this practice weaving together essential teachings and inspiration from heart of the yoga tradition, slow healing yoga and deep heart centered meditation. Practices to heal and untie the knots of the Heart.

Class will include Lecture and  Live Music.

Meet Saul David Raye

Saul David Raye is a teacher, healer, musician & spiritual activist. He is a co-founder + co-director of Mandala Center in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family and teaches weekly classes.

He has been practicing and teaching for over 25 years,  primarily influenced by his studies of Ha-tha Yoga, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Tantra, Thai Massage, Pranic Healing, Shamanism and Indigenous practices.

Saul is able to bring alive the ancient wisdom teachings for modern seekers and create a safe space for students to connect deeply with their own authentic power, spirit and truth. Saul’s authentic and  heart-centered teaching has influenced many students and teachers around the world.

For over 20 years he has taught at conferences, festivals & retreats both in the USA & abroad and has presented alongside many luminaries in the Spiritual world. As an artist he recorded an album of world mantra music (10,000 Suns Music for Healing, Peace + Awakening) with 2 songs that have gone to #3 + #4 on the iTunes world music charts. He has chanted at many yoga centers and festivals and continues to share his work through teacher trainings, workshops, classes, sacred journeys + retreats and sacred music