Cihangir Yoga Mentorship Program 

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Cihangir Yoga Mentorship Program

Program Starting Date: October 6, 2019
Application Deadline: September 1, 2019

Fee: 2850 TL

The new term of our highly-popular Mentorship Program is starting on October 6th in both Istanbul and Ankara.

In this program, led by Chris Chavez and Zeyneb Uras, yoga specialists will learn to share their yoga knowledge with others by working with an experienced team for 6 months.

The Cihangir Yoga Mentorship Program, which introduces many spirited yoga specialists to the yoga community, is also an important part of the process of becoming an expert for Cihangir Yoga.

The Mentorship Program is included in the Cihangir Yoga 300-hour Transformative Yoga Path Program.

To apply for the program, 6 months of yoga specialist experience is a must.

Program Details:

The 50 Hour Mentorship Program counts towards Yoga Alliance hours and is part of the Cihangir Yoga 300-hour Transformative Yoga Path Program.

We invite you to experience a mentorship program that will enhance your journey of becoming a yoga instructor. This year our renewed mentorship program includes Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy sessions.

This amazing program is led by Zeyneb Uras and Chris Chavez and begins every fall and spring each year.

Mentorship is a valuable experience for new yoga instructors.

Mentorship sessions and studying one-on-one with experienced, instructors is a fundamental experience and will be acquired by joining this program. This is also an important step to gather the self-confidence necessary to begin sharing your yoga knowledge. The attendants will be able to instruct Fundamentals of Yoga 1 sessions.

This module is part of The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Transformative Yoga Path Program.


1-Instructing Sessions: You will instruct 24 Cihangir Yoga mentorship Classes over a period of 6 months.

2- Dynamic Session Observation: The opportunity for you to observe interactively will be a big contribution to your instruction technique and will also be obligatory for program participants.

3- Active feedback: Cihangir Yoga instructors themselves will join 2 of your sessions and will give you feedback about your skills and techniques.

4- Group meetings : During your mentorship duration, you will join 2 group meetings with other participants. These meetings will be lead by Zeyneb Uras and Chris Chavez where you will have the opportunity to study themes around sharing your yoga knowledge effectively with others.

5- Group study: 2 group studies with Chris Chavez in which you will actively participate, instruct, and receive feedback. Receiving personal feedback is the heart of this group study.

You can send your applications to

Mentorship hours counts as Yoga Alliance hours.

50 hours consist of the following activities:

24 hour teaching

16 hour active observation

8 hour Group Study

2 Hours Feedback session

* In order to join this program, you must graduate from at least one teacher training held at Cihangir Yoga Studios.

For details you can visit and for registration you can write to