Family Constellation and Specialization Program with Svagito

Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir — 12:00 am

Family Constellation and Specialization Program with Svagito

The world-renowned and accredited expert, author and therapist Svagito is in Cihangir Yoga in December!

The Family Constellation and Specialization Program starts with a three-day group work and continues with the optional specialization program; however, it is organized for the last time in this format.

This profound work is an opportunity to understand life, to get closer to ourselves and to open up to more clear, friendly, and strongly compassionate sharing. Come and join us.

You do not to have previous experience; the workshop is open to all.

Family Constellation

December 14 // 19:30-22:00 // Introductory Group work

December 15-16 // 08:00-09:00 Meditation // 10:00 – 18:00 Continuation of Group Work

Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir

245 Euro + VAT

Family Constellation Specialization Program Part 1

December 17-23 // 09:00-18:00

Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir

765 Euro + VAT

Program Details: 

Family Constellation with Svagito

Family Constellation is a method that helps us to find peace and reconciliation with the members of our family or anyone, with whom we are closely related.

We learn to understand the underlying cause of any relationship problem and discover that we are deeply connected to the collective energy field of our family or culture and how this shapes our behaviour and decisions in life.

The often unconscious bond towards our parents and family members spans many generations and is at the root of most suffering.

Traumas that our ancestors suffered often continue for generations. With the support of other course members we create a constellation, which is a dynamic portrait of our family field. It reveals the degree of intimacy, pain, love, or sense of abandonment that everyone feels in relation to the others and exposes unconscious identifications and ’entanglements’.

In the work we learn to move beyond judgement and to consciously open our heart to excluded or forgotten family members. We practice to stop interfering in the life of others or to take over responsibilities that are not ours. Thus we gain wholeness, inner strength and learn to find our place within the family system and in life in general. This is the way to grow up from the blind love of a child to the mature love of a conscious human being. It also leads to a meditative lifestyle, an inner centering, where love arises from our ability to be alone and joyful. Now we no longer need to repeat the suffering of our parents or ancestors, while at the same time we are full of gratitude towards them.

The new approach to Family Constellation is less a therapy in the usual sense, as we move beyond the idea of improvement, but rather acknowledge the ’isness’ of life. Only then spontaneous growth becomes possible. We connect to a deep ’yes’ to our parents, family members and partners as they are. Only in the depth of acceptance we can find inner peace and harmony.

The insights of Family Constellation not only for the individual, but also serve the well-being of nations, religions and social groups. However, real peace begins in the soul of the individual.

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Devani Dilek Yıldız

Family Constellation with Svagito Part 1

(There will be video recording as every year. We need your written consent for this records.)

This part of the program focuses on the parent-child relationship (family of origin) and the man-woman relationship (present family). We learn how to recognize the hidden dynamics in a family system and come to understand who is identified with whom, who has been and still is excluded, who wants to disconnect from the family matrix, and so on.

Through rearranging the constellation set up by the client, and by using simple sentences that reflect the intrinsic laws of the family system.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Love and order in a family system — what supports love and what detracts from it
  • The main reasons why difficulties arise in the parent-child and man-woman relationships
  • The function of conscience the experience of guilt and innocence and the need to belong
  • The balance of giving and taking
  • The solution oriented approach
  • The effect of healing sentences that heal
  • The difference between ‘blind’ love and ‘knowing’ or conscious love
  • The interrupted movement to the mother

Registration and details :

(It is not a residential organization so you can find a place near by Cihangir Yoga-Cihangir branch which we held the training there ( Cihangir Yoga is in very centered  place in İstanbul )

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