Root to Rise with Fırat Tosun

— 12:00 am

Root to Rise with Fırat Tosun

All things require a solid foundation to expand from. Just like a tree, we grow from the depth of our roots and rise from their power!

In this safe and empowering workshop series, Fırat Tosun will guide you through the process of building poses from the ground up. You will learn how to be stable and secure as you take our practice one step further.

All levels welcome.

Price: 90 TL

Handstand and Variations

January 12, 2019 // 03:30 p.m.-06:00 p.m. // Caddebostan Studio

Headstand (Sirsasana 1-2) and Variations

March 16, 2019 // 02:00 p.m.- 04:30 p.m. // İstinye Studio