300 Hour Transformative Yoga Path

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300 Hour Transformative Yoga Path

Cihangir Yoga is proud to be bringing together both international and local teachers for one of the most comprehensive and in-depth training in Turkey and the world.

The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Path to Transformative Living and Teaching, lead by Cihangir Yoga’s co-partner and international teacher trainer Chris Chavez, is designed to take any teacher who has completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200-Hour training and elevate them in the study, practice, and teaching of yoga.

The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training is open to all students that have a 200 Hour Yoga Certificate from a Yoga Alliance approved school. A limited number of advanced students without a 200 Hour yoga certificate may be accepted with teacher’s approval.

Each module is designed to elevate and deepen both your life experience and your teaching.

Upcoming Modules:

Yin Yoga Teacher Intensive with Berivan Aslan Sungur for Yoga Teachers (30 Hours)

(January  3-7, 2018) Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir

This Yin Yoga Intensive is designed to share Yin Yoga tradition, practice and teaching with yoga teachers and/or trained yogis. Those who already are Yin Yoga teachers can attend to deepen and reinforce their knowledge.

Yoga Philosophy into Life and Teaching with Carlos Pomeda and Zeyneb Uras (30 Hours) Must

(January 17-21, 2018) Cihangir Yoga, İstinye

Through one of the most accomplished yoga scholars in the world, you will be exposed to some of the most powerful and secret teachings and meditations of the yoga tradition. You will use each day’s Teachings to contemplate and cultivate a deeper experience in the practice, build meaningful classes, and execute a powerful “in-class” delivery from YOU.

Restorative Yoga with Gül Dirican (18 Hours)

February 10-11 2018, Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir

Ayurveda through Practice with Konstantinos Charantiniotis (25 Hours)

(March 8 – 11, 2018) Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir

The program is about learning through practice and strongly adheres to an experiential approach to learning. Most of all you will gain knowledge and the ability to “see” the world through the scope of the ancient systems of Yoga & Ayurveda.

In this module, you will have the unique opportunity to study the “Pancha Maha Bhutas” or the five great elements as they relate to Ayurveda, the Chakras, and the Koshas. You will use the practice as a way of bringing to life these philosophical teachings as you work the body into balance, health, and well-being.

You will learn to integrate Ayurveda into a yoga class, and give students a deeper understanding of their body type as well as how the basic concepts of Ayurveda and the 5 elements of nature relate to everyday life. In addition you will learn the necessary tools to offer private classes and help your students to develop a personal yoga practice suited to their unique condition physically and mentally.Pranamaya Teacher Training with Banu Çadırcı (50 Hours)

(Spring, 2018)

Healing breath is about changing the energetic effects of breath through adapting the four parts of breath to experience energy body beyond physical. In this training, you will learn and experience breath adaptation in asana and you will discover the changing effects of Pranayama on the energetic reflections of your practice.

Mentorship Program April (50 Hours) Must

(April 1,  2018) Duration 6 months

A new internship program begins every October and April

Chris Chavez Master Intensive Must

(May 4 – 6, 2018) Cihangir Yoga, İstinye

This intensive is open to advanced level of yoga participants. Details coming soon.

International Workshops

Cihangir Yoga is hosting prestigious international teachers every year periodically.
You can follow the workshops that are included in the program from our website and Facebook page.

The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training is open to all students that have a 200 Hour Yoga Certificate from a Yoga Alliance approved school.

All modules repeat yearly and you can enter the program with any module. Although it is possible to complete the program in one year, we suggest that you give yourself time between modules to digest and absorb the teachings.

You will have a maximum of 3 years to complete the entire program. You will receive your 300 Hour certificate upon completion of all modules.

For more information about the program and the modules and for registration:
Cihangir Yoga: 0539-572 84 37

Completed Modules: 

Mentorship Program October (50 Hours)

(October 1 , 2017) Duration 6 months

A new internship program begins every October and April

Chris Chavez Master Practice Intensive (Repeats every year) Must

(November 17-19, 2017) Cihangir Yoga, İstinye

This Master Intensive is all about the PRACTICE!

We will explore advanced level poses and sequences and radically expand our pranayama and meditation practices.
This intensive is open to advanced level students and counts towards the CY 300 Path to Living and Teaching.

Mindfulness Practice with Godfrey Devereux (Repeats every year)

(November 17 – 22 2017) Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir

Sequencing with İpek Soygür (15 Hours) (Repeats every year)

(December 2-3, 2017) Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir