Time for Transformation at Cihangir Yoga

— 12:00 am

Time for Transformation at Cihangir Yoga

The tree that accompanied us on the journey we set out 14 years ago rejuvenates today. The branches are renewed but the roots are the same as ever.

For the last months, we have been in the process of a revitalizing and today onwards we will continue our path with a new & fresh look.

In communication, we switched to a simpler language. We renewed our logo and have chosen the ‘Living Coral’, the color of 2019 which perfectly reflects our connection to the life on this planet. We are in the process of renewing our website. We launched The Cy Method, which is the foundation of Cihangir Yoga trainings and an alignment based yoga system that harmonizes various yoga traditions and systems, incorporates intelligent sequencing and provides a clear path for growth and transformation. We are on the road to bring yoga to everyone and launched a series of courses starting with İzmir as one of the three cities in 2019.

As the leading yoga school of Turkey, our mission is to guide the new generations on their life journey through the light of yoga. Changing our look was only the first step towards this mission. We are going to be together with you offering more development, innovation and expansion.

We would like to thank all our core team who worked diligently during this process, our advisors that have supported us and you out there joining us on this path.

We will be glad to see you in our studios soon.

See you on the mat.


Cihangir Yoga Family

Lighter, Stronger!

We have switched to a simpler, lighter, more inspiring and open language. We have decided to simplify the frequency of communication with our community. All these changes and the transformation of our story are now reflected in a new logo. May the color of 2019, our new color, ‘Living Coral’ bring good luck to us and all those beautiful souls that our paths have crossed!

Be the Best of Yourself with the CY Method!

By blending many different styles for years and maturing all this experience, Cihangir Yoga has created its own specific approach to yoga, which we have named the method of CY. This method has been created with the vision of turning you into your best version. We will trustingly continue to support you in every step of your yoga and life journey with this method, which our lively and exquisite experts share with their own touch.

Cihangir Yoga On The Road!

Cihangir Yoga, which started to operate outside İstanbul for the first time in 2017 with its new Ankara studio, aims to deliver yoga to wider masses with its specialization programs in three different cities, of which the first one will be İzmir to start in 2019. Many people who have not been able to reach us so far will be able to practice yoga with us and the CY Method, created out of years of experience and accumulation and, thus, can improve on their lives with the transformative power of yoga.

New and User-Friendly Website!

We have renewed our website with a user-friendly design and inspiring visual design. Now you will be able to reach the information you are looking for more easily and quickly. Course registrations, membership renewals and workshop / program registrations can now be made online on our website. Our new website will be online soon!