Yin Yoga Teacher Intensive with Berivan Aslan Sungur for Yoga Teachers (30 Hours)

Cihangir Yoga, İstinye — 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Yin Yoga Teacher Intensive with Berivan Aslan Sungur for Yoga Teachers (30 Hours)

Date: March 22 – 26, 2017 (Wednesday – Sunday)
Meeting Time: 09:30 – 16:30
Location: Cihangir Yoga, Istinye
Price: 1550 TL

This 5-day Yin Yoga intensive is designed to share the Yin Yoga tradition, practice and teaching with experienced yoga teachers and/or trained yogis. Those who already are Yin Yoga teachers can attend to deepen and reinforce their knowledge.

The subjects are similar to those in the Fundamental Yin Yoga Training. While the Fundamental Training gave us more space to get to know the practice, to learn and digest the details, this intensive aims to share the essentials of the practice with already experienced teachers in a shorter period of time.

This training’s method is based on learning the logic underlying the practice, the anatomical foundation and the how & why rather than just memorization. Berivan Aslan Sungur is nourishing her studies with her teacher Paul Grilley’s approach to yoga, Dr. Motoyama’s researches, psychotherapist Dr. Erdoğan Çalak’a approach to life and the human being, and the consultations she receives from physiotherapists Özge Kayalar Dülger and Suat Dülger. Putting together and straining all this teachings, she offers them to her students.


– The history, the essence and the essentials of the practice
– The logic underlying the practice
– Basic anatomy knowledge and the effects of the anatomical differences to our yoga practice
– Yin Yoga asanas, with analyze and adaptations
– How to integrate this to your own practice or your classes
– How to plan a class in this field
– The psychological and mental effects of the practice
– The practice in relation to meditation
– The Meridian Theory

Practice and theoretical study will take place each day throughout the training.

This intensive is open to advanced level students and counts towards the CY 300 Path to Living and Teaching.

What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga is a meditative yoga practice suitable for all levels and all ages. The essence of the practice is founded on the origins of yoga. Asanas are held longer and the muscles aimed to effect stay passive. The body becomes more flexible. The mind and the body are prepared for meditation. The practice balances our lives focused on “hurrying, doing and succeeding.” It slows you down, enabling you to listen to yourself, looking inwards. It is very beneficial for the spinal health and waist problems. Some of the recourses on Yin Yoga:

Who is Berivan Aslan Sungur?
Berivan Aslan Sungur has studied with many teachers from various schools of yoga (Yin, Hatha, Vinaysa, Shadow, Dynamic, etc.) She has been studying regularly with Paul Grilley on Yin and Yang Yoga, yoga anatomy and meditation for the last 8 years. She organized and assisted Paul and Suzee Grilley’s training in Istanbul on June, 2011.
Berivan considers Yin Yoga as a form of therapy, closing the distance within one’s self and reinforces her work with studies on psychotherapy, physiotherapy and anatomy as well as the counseling she receives from the experts on those fields.

She teaches in Cihnagir Yoga, Istanbul since 2007 where she mostly focuses on Yin Yoga and yoga anatomy. She pioneered on the widespread and recognition of Yin Yoga in Turkey.

She graduated from Boğaziçi University, Economical studies. Besides yoga, she took an interest in psychology and psychological astrology. She is married and has two son.

For further information and registration about the training:, Cihangir Yoga- Cihangir +90 539 572 8437

For questions concerning the training you can write to Berivan Aslan Sungur at