Newcomers! You can start your journey with our Intro Package:

For New Comers we have special prices for 1 month of unlimited yoga and pilates. To learn about the prices please visit OUR FEES page. 

Suitable classes for you like Yoga Fundamentals, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy are held at least once each day of the week. We recommend you to try various fundamental level classes by our various teachers. We suggest Fundamental Yoga 2 after 3 months of practice, Flow 1 and Power 1 after 6 months of practice, and Power 2 for those who can do a hand stand by a wall and fully get in the Urdhva Dhanurasana pose.

How often should I practice?

Practicing twice or three times a week is a good start but you can still see some benefits if you practice only once a week. A willingness of doing more can rise as you continue practicing. Serious yogis practice every day and practice at home too. They start integrating yoga into their daily lives even if it is for just 20 minutes of physical practice or 5 minutes of meditation.

Can I attend every fundamental level class of any teacher? Or do I start with one particular teacher and class and continue with the same teacher and group?

There is no particular group, you can start attending Yoga Fundamentals 1, Yoga Therapy and Yin Yoga classes any time you want with any teacher of your choosing. All of these classes address the same level, and each student that feels ready or has attended 3 months of fundamental yoga classes can join Fundamental 2; and after 6 months of practice can join the Flow 1 class. You can start experimenting with Power 1 and 2 as your practice evolves. We recommend trying a different style of class every now and then.

What should I wear, eat etc. when practicing?

Yoga is practiced bare foot. A comfortable sports outfit is suitable for practice. Don’t drink alcohol or similar substances before class. Don’t eat too much but don’t be hungry to the point of having stomach cramps. A 1 hour or 1 h 15 minutes of practice is meditative inner work and talking is only for the teacher. Sweating is only natural because the movement affects the nervous system and works the body in different ways. We have changing rooms and showers in Cihangir Yoga and you can rent a clean towel for 4 TL.

How can I pay?

If it’s your first time in Cihangir Yoga we suggest you purchase the Intro Package: 160 TL for 1 month of unlimited yoga. If you wish to take just one class you may do so by paying 50 TL. The most economical classes are the Internship Classes for 10 TL led by new teacher training graduates.