Can Bora


1- Certifications and Accomplishments

Since his childhood, Can has been always curios about human body and its potential. As he was studying dance and theater at University in Paris and Barcelona, he met with Ashtanga Yoga followed by Kundalini Yoga not long after. He was mesmerized by the ascending energy of human body and ever-changing link of body and mind. After several years of an experience in Ashtanga Yoga he met with the psychosomatic movement techniques.(Skinner Release, Fascia Therapy, Craniosacral, Axis Syllabus, etc.).

His experience in understanding that the human system of perception is much deeper and longer than expected, as well as realizing and questioning that the reality is much comprehensive than anticipated were the reasons that kept his passion for Yoga, without interrupting his psychosomatic studies.

In 2011-2012 , he completed the Yin Yoga TT with a scholarship by the support of Berivan Aslan Sungur. During this period Yoga became a fundamental part of Can’s life. In 2013-2014 he started working as an assistant for Berivan Aslan Sungur in Yin Yoga TT followed by the AcroYoga trainings with Yigit Zirtiloglu. With a Reiki 3 initiation by Merkez Bilgi Alanı Vakfı – Sevgi Ersoy in his high school years, Can has attended several long term trainings in “Healing with Crystals”
and “Quan Yin 1-2”.

Since 2 years he’s been having private counseling from Barbara Ann Brennan and Osho school, on human psychology and subconscious system dynamics.

Can considers Yoga as one of the strongest tools in understanding himself and the humankind.

3- Three words that describe my session:
Sincere, confronting, to be able to enjoy even in an uncomfortable environment .

4- Why I love to practice yoga?

5- Why I love to share my yoga knowledge & experience?
Teaching makes us meet in the common field.

6- Languages:
Turkish, English, French, Spanish.