Didem Okutgen


1- Certifications and Accomplishments


  • Leslie Kaminoff, An Introduction to Breath-Centered Yoga, Exploring The Breathing Body In Yoga & Demystifying The Bandha, Re-imagining Alignment (18 hours)
  • Yoga Philosophy into Life and Teaching with Carlos Pomeda and Zeyneb Uras (30 hours)


  • Chris Chavez Master Practice Intensive (25 hours)
  • Sianna Sherman Riding with Tigers (15 hours)
  • Chris Chavez Master Intensive “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” (30 hours)


  • Yin Yoga Teacher Intensive with Berivan Aslan Sungur for Yoga Teachers (30 hours)
  • The Art of Self Praxis with Godfrey Devereux (30 hours)


  • Dynamic Yoga Workshop with Godfrey Devereux, Somatic Meditation, Active & Passive Pranayama
  • Master Intensive Teacher Traning and Retreat with Zeynep Çelen (40 hours) (Assistant)


  • Master Intensive Teacher Traning with Zeynep Çelen & Çağ Gürle (150 hours) (Assistant)

2012 Sept.- 2013 Febr.

  • Internship Program, Cihangir Yoga (50 hours)


  • Healing Trauma (Somatic Experiencing) with Svagito Liebermeister (30 hours)
  • Dynamic Yoga, Method of Development with Godfrey Devereux (30 hours)
  • Master Intensive Retreat with Zeynep Aksoy & David Cornwell (45 hours)
  • Master Intensive Teacher Trainig with Zeynep Çelen & Çağ Gürle (150 hours)
  • Retreat with Zeynep Çelen (25 hours)


  • “Fundamentals of Yoga” Teacher Training with Zeynep Aksoy (200 hours)

At the end of 2012, I completed a total of 500 hours of expertise with 200 hours of “Fundamentals of Yoga” and 300 hours of “Master Intensive” specialization (TT) programs.

2- What does Yoga mean for me?
The discovery of existence … Life… The acceptance of the whole… The whole…


3- Three words that describe my session:
Simplicity, discovery of feelings, pleasure

4- Why I love to practice yoga?
I love it because it tells myself to me. I love it because it is a mirror to me and it helps me stay in the essence.

5- Why I love to share my yoga knowledge & experience?
Sharing my own yoga path with people is an invaluable experience to witness the great influence of small touches on my own life, to my students and surrounding. And uninhibited discovery area …