Marcel Martin


1- Certifications and Accomplishments;
2015: Workshops with Meghan Currie, Todd Tesen
2016: 200h TT with Chris Chavez / CY Staj program with Mentor Gül Dirican / Workshops with Sienna Sherman, Elena Brower, Chris Chavez
2017: CY Assistantship with Yigit Zirtiloglu/ Workshops with Leslie Kaminoff, Dylan Werner

2- What does Yoga mean for me?
Practice to create a connection between body, mind and heart. And within this practice experiencing life in a wider universal perspective than my own individual experience.

3- Three words that describe my session:
Funny, sweaty, uplifting.

4- Why I love to practice yoga?
Because it just feels GOOD.

5- Why I love to share my yoga knowledge and experience?
Because it feels even BETTER to share the practice experience with others while teaching.

6- Languages:
English, Turkish, German.