Mehtap Yıldız


1- Certifications and Accomplishments
Chris Chavez 100h Path To Teaching
Cihangir Yoga 300h Transformative leaving and teaching programme continuing…
200 hours Foundation of Yoga with Zeynep Aksoy
50 hours Advanced Training with Zeynep Çelen
100 hours Yoga Anatomy and Yoga Teraphy Banu Çadırcı
Pregnancy Yoga Nur sakallı and Mey Elbi
100 hours Path to Teaching with Chris Chavez

2- What does Yoga mean for me?
The journey to embrace and share my all beings and states.

3- Three words that describe my session:
Sincere, deepening and natural.

4- Why I love to practice yoga?
Because it brings me to my center and encourages me to open myself every single time

5- Why I love to share my yoga knowledge & experience?
It nurtures my own curiosity towards life and nature.

6- Languages: