Nazan Tezcan


1- Certifications and Accomplishments
200 hours Training with Chris Chavez
300 hours Advanced Training in Cihangir Yoga(continuing)
60 hours Anatomy Training with Berivan Aslan Sungur
Kids Yoga Training at Yoga Kids
Dorn Therapy and Self Help Techniques with Çağla Yüksel
Druvalo Melchizedek’s ATIH
Reiki Master

2- What does Yoga mean for me?
Yoga is life itself. Full of exploration, it’s a path toward myself.

3- Three words that describe my session:
Strong, entertaining, educative.

4- Why I love to practice yoga?
It makes me feel good. I love to go back to daily life with a fit body and an open mind after the practice. It helps me stay aware and in the moment. It nourishes my sense of trust.

5- Why I love to share my yoga knowledge & experience?
My wish is to share what makes me feel so good when I experience it on my own. I try to share not just the physical aspect but also the mental and sensual wellbeing and integrity that comes from the physical practice. Just like love, I feel it grow as I share it.

6- Languages:
Turkish, Italian, English