Ray Rizzo

ray rizzo

1- Certifications and Accomplishments 
E-RYT 200, and 500 hours certified from Dharma Mittra*  Licensed Medical Massage therapist, and Certified Manual Therapist (Osteopathy) B.S. in Writing about Consciousness. 
Author of Weightlessness: Yoga, Pilates and Chi Kung. Teacher since 1999. 

2- What does Yoga mean for me?
I respect traditional yoga, but my approach to living, practicing and sharing is very universal, shamanic and practical, unbound by styles and traditions. After nearly twenty years of teaching, it comes down to very simple aspects of mindfulness. Quiet body. Quiet mind. My own style, Weightlessness, focuses on cultivating the quality of attention, concentration, and removing obstacles from life, both spiritually and physically. Sometimes I joke that yoga is the first three things you would teach a dog. Come. Sit. Stay. 

3- Three words that describe my session: Deep. Funny. Effective.  

4- Why I love to practice yoga?
I love to practice yoga because I believe each moment really is the opportunity to move closer and closer to grace, awareness and flow. For me yoga doesn’t start or end on the mat, it is a constant practice of precision and awareness and humility in every action. To stand up straight and face life head-on, doing my best to add something, or take away a little bit of the struggle wherever I can. 

5- Why I love to share my yoga knowledge & experience?
I love to share my knowledge and experience because to me life is a great mystery and the world is the home of love and death–but beyond that is the transcendental beauty.  I’m not going to tell you things I read, or things based on faith or scripture, I’m going to share what I’ve really lived and discovered from the hard battles and the bliss and the exploration of the wilderness of my own mind,  the depth and wonder of the human experience–the dark and the light–and the great peace of the undisturbed mind.  

6- Languages: Eglish, French, Turkish, basic Spanish.