Rebekka Haas Çetin


1-Certifications and Accomplishments
Yoga Alliance RYT certificate with Chris Chavez
Yoga and meditation practice since young age
Student to Richard Freeman, John Friend, Tias Little, David Life & Sharon Gannon, Manju Jois, Allan Finger and more
Influenced by India travels to Advaita teacher Ramesh S Balsekar, disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and scholar of Hinduism and philosophy teacher Douglas Brooks
OI (Organic Intelligence) sessions and mentor for traumatic stres resolving

2-What does yoga mean for me?
With yoga you begin a loving relationship with your self to fully participate in the magic adventure of life. It enables you to allow space between the I and what goes through (thoughts, emotions, sensations) to understand that they are just passing guests, and you are the space hosting them for a short while

3-Three words that describe my sessions?
Challenge, deep rest, love

4-Why I love to practice yoga?
Moving the body is a great source of joy. Yoga makes you graceful, open and strong.

5-Why I love to share my yoga knowledge and experience ?
I think the human species is in desperate need of yoga and meditation, the impulse to share comes automatically and more like a calling

English, Turkish, German, French