Şaylan Yılmaz


1- CertificationsandAccomplishments

2006- Sivananda Yoga Training, India
2010- Fundamental Yoga Training with Zeynep Aksoy and Zeynep Çelen
2010- Yoga Therapy Training with Banu Çadırcı
2011- Yin Yoga Training with Berivan Aslan Sungur
2011- Yin Yoga Anatomy Training with Paul Grilley
2012- Prenatal Yoga Training with Mey Elbi and Başak Kutlu Atay
2012- Birthlight Prenatal Yoga Training
2013- İçsel Doğum Doula Training with Julia Steils
2013- Active Birth Training with Janet Balaskas
2014- İçsel Doğum Childbirth Preparation Session Instructor Training with Julia Steils
2014- Orgasmic Birth Training with Ayala Elisha
2014- Birthlight Mother and Baby Yoga Training
2015- Hormonal Balancing through Ayurveda Training with Dr.Vignesh Devraj
2015- Womb Yoga Training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli
2016- Menstrual  Awareness Training with Alexandra Pope
2017- Hormone Yoga Therapy Training for Women with Dinah Rodrigues
2017- Ayurvedic Breast Massage Training with Dr.Sanjivani Taruna

2- Whatdoes Yoga meanfor me?
It means to overcome the difficulties on my way of reaching my potential. Beyond the difficulties, it’s freedom…

3- Three wordsthatdescribemysession
Simplicity, density, breath

4- Why I lovetopractice
It helps me to understand the duality of material world

5- Why I lovetoteachlove
I love to make people remember the presence of the mind which embowers the reality

6- Languages
English and Turkish