The vacations we dream when we close our eyes


Do you also feel heatstroke and like you are craving for a vacation?

When I think of a vacation, it came to my mind…. Some vacations energize us, recreate, give fun, refresh, change our world view. And there are some vacations in which we wander around here and there in our prisoner mind, visit and see new places, step on the golden beaches and jump into the sea… But sometimes, even when we do the things we really missed to do, our thoughts hang up in our minds following and prisoning us everywhere, in every activity. This week in Şeyma Özcan’s Fundemantals 2 class in Cihangir Yoga, I have discovered that it is possible to take a vacation in the city, too. It depends on your point of view. For me, vacation is visiting different countries, being surrounded by green, diving into cool waters… Right. However at the same time, a vacation is taking a good yoga class, giving a rest to recurring thoughts at least for a short time especially in meditation and shavasana. Looking at the chain of thoughts from a distance, leaning back and watch our own movie of life in which we ourselves are in the leading role. Ah yes, the real vacation… To lean back and to take a holiday from the crowded thoughts. When Şeyma told us to close our eyes and to listen to the voices around, I have realized a troop of birds singing and surrounding us in between the noise of the traffic and constructions. They were so many and singing loudly that I have forgotten where I was. Were there that many birds in Cihangir? And I have never realized their sparkly voices? Is the answer clear? Are my houghts that crowded and noisy? Yes they are. The lovely birds are all around us all the time if we know how to look and listen. And when I got back home that night, I saw a pigeon sitting grumbingly in one of my flower pots in the balcony. She was there for days and I have not realized until that night. That was the bonus!

We in Cihangir Yoga are full of beautiful projects and vacations this summer. If you want to escape from the city, we will be in Paros, the elegant and beautiful island of Greece. Moreover, this year fascinating instructor Elena Brower is also joining Zeyneb Uras and Konstantinos Charantiniotis for this international, crowded and big organization where the participants are coming from almost 20 countries for a week. It is not possible to be proud of.

We also have many activities for the ones who stay in the city. Besides our onoging classes, we have planned CY Summer Night activities which will bring us together. We are announcing them one by one through our social media channels. I wish you a beautiful summer and a lovely “vacation” wherever you are; in the middle of the city or by the sea.