Welcoming a New Season

Rain, wind, waves and flood… Fall is making us feel its presence and here, at Cihangir Yoga, we welcome a brand new season.

Every summer, while the dog days are still upon us and holiday pictures are parading on the social media, we start a long preparation process. Preparing our new season, our new schedule, starting in September, takes weeks, sometimes even two months of our time. The reason behind that lies in our wish to create a schedule that fits our students, our teachers and our studios’ needs perfectly.

There is a vision and a purpose behind some changes that might look rather basic; like adding two more classes or making a teacher give morning classes. The purpose here is to place every class to a proper time slot where it can serve the students at its best, to make the yoga practice available for many more students and to present new and diverse opportunities to our current student base. All in all, to present our students the best we possibly can.

The ones that visit Cihangir Yoga often enough know that we have an email address; info@cihangiryoga.com. Open to everyone. Our students share what they like, what they dislike, what they want to change, what they wish to have. Every suggestion, every critic, every comment, every request for change is very precious  to us.

I read and evaluate them all as the studio director and share many with our managing partner, Zeyneb. Lots of these suggestions are about our schedule. They all come out of our inboxes and arrive to our tables as we start working on our new schedule.

The same question is always in our mind: How can we prepare a better schedule for our students, where can we show development and how can we do this by blending different evaluations coming from our thousands of students. Our goal is always to present you the best. So with this excitement in our heart, we have completed our new schedule and today our new classes have started. I dearly hope we will have a beautiful year together. Until next time, let’s keep meeting at info@cihangiryoga.com