Yoga and Running


What are the benefits of Yoga for runners?

Yoga is a full-body experience and it is the perfect compliment to any physical routine, especially running.

A regular yoga practice will bring body-balance by building strength, stamina, and flexibility to all muscle groups.

Additionally, the breath awareness and mindfulness practices of yoga will help increase stamina and distance for runners while reducing stress and increasing mental fortitude.

What Yoga exercises are great for Runners?

Lunge Pose: Stretches the legs while building strength and stamina.

Twisting Thigh Stretch: Stretches quadricep muscles which get contracted from running.

Pigeon (prep): Stretches hip muscles muscles that aid in a healthy lower back.

Ardha Hanumanasana: This is a great stretch for both the hamstrings and calf muscles as well as hips.

How do you integrate Yoga in your running schedule?

(Before/During/After run or separate session)

This will really depend a lot on how often you are running, how long you are running, and how intense or mellow the yoga session is.

A full-spectrum yoga class before running will help build a little body heat, it will get the circulation system activated, and it will open muscles and allow them to properly align bones while running. The practice will also help bring mental vitality by bringing focus to the body, mind and the breath.

A light full-spectrum yoga class or a restorative “Yin” style practice after a run can help cool the body and nervous system down while stretching and restoring fatigued and contracted muscles.

Yoga practices on non-run days are a great addition to any cross-training routine. The practice will help develop different muscles, deepen the mind-body connection, and build a stronger sense of self-awareness and self-confidence.


What are the benefits of Running for Yogis?

Running is a great way to build stamina and increase circulation.

Getting the heart rate high enough to pump blood to the extremities is often a challenge in a yoga class.

Running is a great workout for the cardiovascular system.

How do you incorporate regular runs and what type of run is good for Yogis?

Creating a routine that is doable and fun is the key to consistency. If you enjoy it you will do it more.

In general, running two to three times per week is a good addition to a regular yoga practice.

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