Zeyneb Uras featured @teach.yoga Luminaries, orchestrated by Elena Brower


Zeyneb Uras invited me to Istanbul – and although it was years before I managed to make the trip, it was immediately that I knew she and I would be dear friends one day. Her voice is pure, her love of the practice is true, and her respect of the work is infectious. Proud to feature her as our next Luminary on Teach.yoga, where her sweetness comes through.

What’s your favorite part of your work?
When I pause and feel and repeat to myself in pure wonder ‘OMG, this is so much bigger than me, there is so much good here, this is beyond the thinking, doing, achieving mind; the purpose of my being where I am has a much wider dimension than I can ever dare to own… This is magic happening through me

What’s your least favorite part of your work?
Practically there is none! Perhaps that may be it! I can get so involved at times, someone needs to come and get me… And that is usually my hero, husband! So yes, the answer may be the time away from family; my three precious boys and husband.
It took me some time to decipher the correct prioritization of my life; I can freely tell you now that my yoga happens first and outmost through my relationships with each one of them. This is my path, what has been offered to me in this lifetime, and I am profoundly grateful and privileged.

What still excites you and keeps you engaged with teaching yoga?
Still!? It is only getting fresher, brighter, more connected!
I have to say things started to shift for me when I realized my teaching breathes in sharing. I do not teach anymore, I share! Since that point, a whole new level of compassion, humility as well as joy has embraced and fueled my experiences with the students and the whole of the community around our studios.

If you didn’t teach yoga, what else would you do?
I would have love to dance! YES!
Since I was a little girl, everyone in the family used every opportunity to dance; dinner parties, all ended up with rolled over rugs and crazy moves on the wooden floors. I love it!
I may just go ahead and perform my dance of a lifetime one day, it is never too late, right?

What are you excited about learning next?
I am super excited to learn about anything there is to learn from within. I am creating more and more time to dive deeper and deeper into the sacred space and recalibrate the ways in which I connect and serve. May I come to accept and love what is at all times?

Ah, and a few dancing tricks would be awesome!

What’s your finest advice for a newer teacher?
YOU are so worthwhile.

Evolutionary biology or god(s)?
Are they any different?


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