13 September 2019

With Every Aware Step

A feeling arose one day. It must be more than two years ago. Years pass by so fast, in five- or ten-years’ time who knows what I will be doing, where I will be? Cihangir Yoga should not age with me!

A feeling arose one day. It must be more than two years ago. Years pass by so fast, in five- or ten-years’ time who knows what I will be doing, where I will be? Cihangir Yoga should not age with me! 

I found Alev, right there and then, and we reached out for our other partners; yes, we were all in agreement. Cihangir Yoga needed to spread its spirit to new generations. It needed to continue being trustworthy as well as innovative, wise, at the same time, spontaneous and in love. Cihangir Yoga had her own unique spirit which was integrated with each and every one of its teachers, employees and students, empowered but never limited to its founders. It felt as if Cihangir Yoga was guiding all of us without notice. 

In a very short time, we found ourselves contemplating, making intense strategic meetings, for the first time we merged our hearts with people who are brilliant in their own fields. 
We first dismantled all the stones and reshaped them. After many painful months we renewed our logo and website; we focused on a more clear and direct language. We set Cihangir Yoga method on stable grounds. 

We supported development within our family with Yoga’s unity and integrity consciousness. We strengthened and livened up our programs with newly growing precious teachers, simplified and nourished our administrative parts, and we started to collaborate with institutions that have similar hearts and minds. 

The transformation which was dynamically happening in the whole of our universe, and which had speeded up enormously in the later years, was also happening in every single living being, within us and of course in our studios. One by one all the dark spots were being enlightened, all the indecisions were being clarified, and all the hearts were being purified. 

When I became a partner of Cihangir Yoga by founding the Istinye Studio, it was as if I took over the role of an athlete who takes the flag. In a very short time, I realized. The healing that we offered could not be owned by one person or a few people. From the depths of my heart I understood that I was in this place with a certain aim, with a certain service to offer; as part of a divine plan that encompasses you, me and all of us. 

Individuals were not important; the aim was to keep the existence of our center which has opened up space for hundreds of teachers and thousands of students’ evolution. With this awareness, we kept on sharing, Caddebostan and Ankara was eventually added. We focused our hearts to our specialization programs, and we hold the pulse of the yoga community in Turkey, shaped its rhythm. Our progress in yoga, and the progress of all the students who enter through our doors, their advancement to being teachers and their unique reflection became our path of devotion every single day. 

As I say we did this, we did that, everything surely continues to evolve in its own wonder full process. Cihangir Yoga keeps on investing in its roots and strengthening them during these challenging times for our country. Without losing its connection to its foundation it turned its eyes and heart to the future and horizon. 

We call it Sankalpa in Yoga, a kind of intention that arises from our hearts. You make an intention, however you do not limit yourself with a specific result. You show up everyday, focused into here and now, with your dedicated practice, and Life takes care in the best possible way, like always! Alive and awake, your heart and breath determine your future. 

As Cihangir Yoga Family, we offer our gratitude to all of our members, students and the yoga community that supports us. We could not have walked the path without you. 

Together we create the future we all aspire to, with every aware step.