Purchasing Agreement

July 4, 2019 Version 19-01

This Purchasing Agreement (“Agreement”) is binding by and between Cihangir Yoga Hizmetleri ve Ürünleri Yayımcılık Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. (“Cihangir Yoga”) with an address at; Pürtelaş Hasan Efendi Mah. Meclisi Mebusan Yokuşu No:15 K:4/5 No:5 Beyoğlu/İstanbul and the individuals or entities whom are registered themselves to Cihangir Yoga web site www.cihangiryoga.com to purchase services by filling the member Registration Form (“User”).

The User hereby accepts and undertakes that; it has read this Agreement and its annexes as defined herein below.


Announcement: Notices announced in www.cihangiryoga.com web site tby Cihangir Yoga time by time to notify the User(s), the notices become efective on announceement date.

Access Tools: the information held only by the User to get access to www.cihangiryoga.com address such as; User Number, User Name, Password, authorization code.

User: The individuals and entities entered to www.cihangiryoga.com web site and accepting the Notification regardign the Law on Protection of Personal Data, Privacy Policy, User Terms and this Purchase Agreement,

User’s Authorized Representative: The individual authorized to represent the Users to access and perform transactions is www.cihangiryoga.com web site.

Legislation: Law on Protection of Consumer, legislation for Purchase Agreements, Code of Obligations and Turkish Commercial Code.

System: Current software used in Cihangir Yoga.

Site: www.cihangiryoga.com web site. The Site is an electronic environment that gives the details of the services of Cihangir Yoga.

Party: Seperately the User and Cihangir Yoga.

Parties: Collectively the User and Cihangir Yoga.

Service: The services purchased by the User via this Site in accordance with this Agreement and its annexes.


The Subject Matter of this Agreement is the submitting of the Service by Cihangir Yoga purchased by the User via the Site and the Parties mutual rights and responsibilities arising from this transaction.


It is the User’s responsibility to check the place and time of the Service. Cihangir Yoga shall not accept the return request arising due to the non-attendance.


The User, hereby agrees that it has read and accept the Notification regardign the Law on Protection of Personal Data, Privacy Policy, User Terms and this Purchase Agreement, it has filled the blanks in Member Registration form in full and such incormation is true and accurate. For all quastions the User can directly get in touch with Cihangir Yoga from the adrress, phone number and e-mail address stated in “Contact” section in the Site.


The User can return the Service with using its Right of Cancellation in 14 days as of the approval of the Purchasing Agreement by the User or signing of the Purchasing Agreement. All notices for Right of Cancellation or regarding this Agreement should be delivered to contact numbers, address or e-mail address stated in “Contact” section in Site. The User shall follow the Return Policy for the return of Service or the use of Right of Cancellation. Please carefully read our Return Policy.


This Agreement is subjected to the laws of Turkish Republic and for the resolution of disputes, until the limits announced by the Ministry of Trade the Consumer Arbitration Committee’s are authorized where the Service is purchased and the User is resident. For the fees stated in 1st paragraph of Article 68 of the Law regarding the Protection of the Consumer (Law No 6502), the City’s Consumer Arbitration Committee’s are authorize


The transactions performed via using the debit card or credit card, is the User shall be in default then, the User is going to pay interest and shall be liable to its bank in accordance with its credit card agreement signed with the bank. In such case the bank may start legal proceedings and may ask for its expenses and attorney fees from the User. In any event the User shall be responsible if Cihangir Yoga may be harmed due to the default of the User.


8.1. This Agreement shall be effective as of the purchasing of the Service by the User.

8.2. The User cannot assign its rights and responsibilities.

8.3. Cihangir Yogas books and Log Records shall be deemed as the only evidence in the event of any disputes.

8.4. All taxes and levies shall be paid in accordance with the relevant party in accordance with its legal responsibility and the stamp tax shall be paid by the User is may arise as a result of the execution of this Agreement.

8.5. All amendments shall be effective as of its announcement in “Announcements” section in Site. Cihangir Yoga has a right to amend some or all of the provisions of this Agreement. The notices made to the User’s address stated in “Member Registration Form” shall be deemed valid.

8.6. If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of this Agreement.