Shadow Work with Theodore Kyriakos

Join us in these 3 days of in depth Self-exploration.
29 November 2019 - 1 December 2019
Friday: 19:00 - 21:00, Saturday ve Sunday 10:30 - 18:00

Shadow Work

Powerful tools for inner transformation

“Unless we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our life and we will call it fate” C.G. Jung


As we grow we acquire various skills in order to survive, to succeed professionally, to adapt to our society, etc. In our education and learning we often lack the knowledge to deal with our own self and the people around us.



Any unwanted feeling, any difficulty that a situation in life offers us, could become an opportunity, a doorway, for us to evolve and grow.

Increasing awareness over a situation gives us more options on how to deal with it more successfully.


This workshop is designed to give you practical and powerful tools to facilitate your inner work & growth. You will learn techniques and how to apply these techniques in practical ways for your transformation and facilitate integration of all aspects of Self. The maps and skills offered are a great resource for those interested in personal development, better relationships with their partners, friends and family.


Additionally if you work with others from a position of power (a teacher, a healer of any kind, a manager, or a team leader) this workshop will give you a better understanding of your role, how to work and communicate with others more effectively.  When we work with groups or individuals,  it is important to keep a healthy and balanced attitude,  so instead of feeling drained,  we will feel empowered as we empower others.


Shadow work is instrumental in the healing of one’s body-mind-heart connection, for avoiding your shadow only makes the inner split stronger. This work will help you engage & transform inner obstacles, promote Self integration, facilitate the Self individuation process, expand your awareness, and cultivate Self-love and intuition.



This is an experiential workshop. The techniques used have being integrated in Jungian and Transpersonal psychotherapy. They have been tested throughout many years and have survived because they work.



4 main focus points:


- Active imagination: Refers to actively using your imagination (Al mythal, the imaginal realm) as a means to process difficult emotions, connect and source information from your unconscious mind, connect with inner power, inner guidance/higher Self and more.)

- Basic psychodynamics: Who is your puppeteer?  Learn how to identify and step out of dysfunctional roles. Move from re-action to action and reclaim your authenticity and power in interpersonal relationships.

- Creative expression: Express and Process feelings creatively, draw wisdom from places of stagnation and navigate creative blocks.

- Somatic Work: Use body, breath and mindfulness to process and transform difficult feelings.


Theodore Kyriakos is trained as Integrative Transpersonal Jungian Psychotherapist, teacher, and supervisor. He was trained in London, United Kingdom, and lived and worked in the United States and Greece. He also draws from the Sufi and Shamanic traditions to engage with the shadow in order to reveal wisdom from inner conflict. The focus of his work is to facilitate inner transformation and Self Awakening by offering powerful tools for the inner work. He works one on one online with clients and facilitates workshops and retreats internationally. A native of Greece, Theodore brings passion, warmth, wisdom and humor into his offerings.




TRY 850

Program Price