Tuğba Gerçin

Yoga is the art of discovering my nature.

About the Expert

What does Yoga mean to me?

Yoga is the art of discovering my nature.

Three words that describe my session:

Being in the moment/ being aware, free and being myself (sincere).

Why do I love practicing yoga?

Because yoga helps me be by myself and discover myself. It allows me to wander between limits and limitlessness. Makes me realise the moments I drift away from the center and when I go back to it. When mind, body and spirit become one; strength, flexibility and discipline improve. Both on and off the mat.

Why do I love sharing my yoga knowledge & experience?

When you share, everything is more beautiful and meaningful. Sharing my journey, and witnessing other people’s journeys is fascinating. Yoga classes are where we support each other and serve a whole.


Turkish, English