HOPE Alkazar

Cihangir Yoga is at HOPE Alkazar, THE STAGE OF THE MOVEMENT
Hope Alkazar

Your Questions About Hope Alkazar CY Classes

Beyoğlu's nostalgic venue, Alkazar, was renovated with the contributions of Nike and opened its doors again as Hope Alkazar. As Cihangir Yoga, we are very happy to be back in Beyoğlu with our lessons in this amazing place. At HOPE Alkazar, we will embrace different experiences and continue to say Yoga to Everyone in Beyoğlu.

We have taken action so that the healing, liberating and integrating power of yoga can reach more people. Now it's your turn. All the information you need to take action is on this page!

CY Classes
Located in Hope Alkazar, there are CY All Level classes every Tuesday – Sunday at 11:00. 

In addition, every Tuesday at 14.00, there is a free lesson that we open it up to the community. 

Stay tuned to our schedule for private lessons, workshops and events on Fridays and weekends!

HOPE Alkazar Curriculum

You can buy a single class or membership, register for classes at www.cihangiryoga.com 

You also need a one time only free registration to https://www.nike.com/tr/register in order to enter the HopeAlkazar building. 


Keep following our schedule on our TV and social media channels for private lessons, workshops and events on Fridays and weekends!

CY Members
CY Hope Alkazar membership is required for Hope Alkazar classes. Students who have a frozen membership at CY Fındıklı branch can activate their membership for Hope Alkazar lessons by contacting us.


1 Class: 70 TL
1 Month : 400 TL
3 Months: 1000 TL


See you at HOPE Alkazar !