Advanced Yoga Anatomy with Onur Aksoy - Caddebostan Studio+Live Stream

Advanced Yoga Anatomy with Onur Aksoy - Caddebostan Studio+Live Stream

06 July 2024 - 04 August 2024
CY Caddebostan + Live Stream
  • Event Duration : 2 weekend
  • LIVE
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Detail Info of Event

CY Master Yoga Anatomy Intensive with Onur Aksoy

Dates: July 6-7 and August 3-4

Time: Saturday-Sunday 13.00 – 18.30

Prices: Studio: 7250 TL Live Stream: 6000 TL

The CY Master Anatomy Intensive is designed to deepen and expand your knowledge of the human body and give you the confidence to apply functional anatomy to your teaching and your practice.

This CY Master Yoga Anatomy Intensive is open to curious students and teachers and is part of the Cihangir Yoga 300-Hour Master Path. 

In the CY Master Anatomy Intensive you will: 

    ⁃    Increase your anatomy literacy
    ⁃    Learn how to use and benefit from anatomy resources
    ⁃    Learn how to divide the body into various regions to identify important bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and their functions
    ⁃    Learn how your musculoskeletal and nervous systems work holistically in motion
    ⁃    Explore developmental kinesiology and sensory-perception-motor integration
    ⁃    Learn the anatomy of breathing
    ⁃    Explore the 'subtle' energy flow of ancient yoga teachings through modern and in-depth neuroanatomy knowledge
    ⁃    Use in-depth anatomical examination of poses to help you in preparing advanced level sequences
    ⁃    Learn how to use your anatomy knowledge to give better verbal and physical adjustments