Complete Beginners

If you are coming to Cihangir Yoga for the first time, here you can find everything you need to know to start practicing yoga. We hope to see you in our studios soon.

If you are coming to Cihangir Yoga for the first time, the “Welcome Package” is the most advantageous choice. With this package, you have the right to "unlimited" practice for 1 month at a very affordable price!

With CY1 practices, beginners have an excellent introduction to the CY Method, which forms the basis and style of Cihangir Yoga. Your yoga experience increases with CY2 after three months, and with CY3 after six months. This three-step process, which is recommended by Cihangir Yoga to beginners, gives you an exceptional experience on your yoga journey.

How many days per week should I practice yoga?

Yoga is a way of life, culture, and attitude that embraces us in every aspect of our lives. A perfect balance between breath, body, mind, soul and heart ... Therefore, there are no strict rules; yoga is a discipline that comes from within. Initially it is better to practice two to three times a week for rapid development, but even if practiced once, change can be felt. In your yoga journey, the desire to practice more will arise spontaneously.

Can I take all the beginner classes? Or should I start with a particular expert and group and proceed with the same group?

Cihangir Yoga advises you to practice with different experts. With the yoga expert of your choice, you can attend any entry-level practice. With CY Method, you will keep on flowing in your experience. Cihangir Yoga's CY Method, formed by the combination of many different styles over many years, will continue to support you in every lesson with the same feeling and smoothness, even if the experts change.

What should I wear, what should I eat, how should I behave while doing yoga?

Yoga is practiced bare feet, in a comfortable sports outfit. It is recommended that you do not have alcoholic drinks or similar substances before practicing yoga. It is also important not to have a heavy meal before or to be very hungry. All yoga practices are a quiet, meditative and internal experience; the right to speak belongs to the expert. And this whole set of rules is just meant for you. They are set to get the most out of your yoga practice and most importantly for you to continue your yoga journey with pleasure.

What are the package prices?

If it is your first time at Cihangir Yoga, the “Welcome Package" is the most advantageous option for you. With this package you have the right to have "unlimited" practice for 1 month, at a very affordable price. Moreover, Cihangir Yoga has a special price in the “Welcome Package" specific to Ankara and Cihangir studios. The welcome package you will buy from these studios costs 200 TL while the welcome package you can use in all studios costs 260 TL. If you want to participate in a single practice, the single course fee starts from 60 TL. In addition, you can attend the practices of new graduates, who have recently completed their specialization program, for 20 TL in all studios.

If you want, you can register right now, or you can meet us by stopping by our nearest studio.

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