Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to all your questions about our studios, sessions, experts and program content.
I'm new to yoga, which practices can I join?
If you have not practiced yoga before, you can participate in our CY1, New Expert Session, Yoga Therapy and Yin Yoga sessions as often as you like. Our Meditation and Pilates sessions are also suitable for beginners.
What should I wear when I come to practice?
We recommend that you choose the comfortable clothes you wear while doing sports. You don't need sneakers because we practice yoga bare feet.
How many days per week should I practice yoga?
You can practice yoga every day of the week unless you have any discomfort / health problems.
I am pregnant. Can I attend regular CY1 sessions?
Practicing some yoga poses in CY1 sessions is inconvenient during pregnancy. For this reason, we recommend that you only practice pregnant yoga during your pregnancy.
I have a physical discomfort (neck-lumbar hernia, accident, etc.). My doctor recommended that I practice yoga, which practices can I participate in?
We strongly recommend you to attend Yoga Therapy sessions. In addition, there is no harm in attending the CY1 and Yin Yoga sessions that are suitable for beginners. In any case, sharing your discomfort with the expert will contribute to the expert's ability to observe you throughout the practice.
I'm not flexible. Can I practice yoga?
You don't need to be flexible to practice yoga. As you practice yoga regularly, you gain flexibility.
Can I eat before practice?
We recommend that you eat at least 1.5 - 2 hours before the practice.
Can I use my membership in all studios?
Membership fees vary according to the studios. You can use the membership you purchased from Caddebostan and İstinye Cihangir Yoga, in all studios. Cihangir and Ankara studios have special prices and memberships can be used only in the studio where they have been purchased.
How many practice can I participate per month with my membership package?
You can attend as many class as you want during your membership period.
I want my child to do yoga, at what age can he/she practice?
In our Istinye and Ankara studios, there are special kids yoga practices for the 3-7 age group.
Is there any English practice?
In our studios, some of our experts give sessions in Turkish and English. Before the practice you want to attend, you can get information about the language from our staff at the registration desk.
Is there a dressing room and a shower?
All our studios have male and female locker rooms and each has 1 shower.
How long is the practice?
It can be 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes depending on the type of session and placement in the program. Meditation practice takes 30 minutes.
What should I bring with me when I come to practice?
All the materials you need in yoga and pilates practice (yoga mat, mattress, pilates circle / ball, etc.) are available in our halls. If you do not want to rent towels from our studio, you are free to bring your own towels.
I've been doing fitness for many years / I am a pilates expert. Is it OK if I do not start with CY1?
In CY1 sessions, Sanskrit names of yoga postures, basic alignment rules, pranayama and meditation techniques are shared. Therefore, even if you are in good physical condition but have not done yoga before, we recommend that you start with CY1.
I am pregnant. After which week can I participate in yoga practice?
After completing the 12th week, you can attend these sessions until the delivery unless your doctor considers your participation in pregnant yoga practices risky.
I've never practiced yoga before. Are your introductory sessions suitable for me?
Yes, they are.
Can I participate in Pilates sessions with my monthly membership?
Yes. All of our memberships include both yoga and pilates practices.
Do yoga sessions take place where men and women are together?
Do you have a free trial session?
We don't have a free trial session.
What does CY1-CY2 mean?
CY refers to the initials of Cihangir Yoga. CY1 means beginner yoga practice; CY2 means intermediate practice.
My child is 12 years old. Can he/she practice in the same session together with me?
Yoga practices in our studios are not suitable for children under the age of 13. Attendance to these sessions is not allowed due to the studio rules even if a parent is present. Those who are 13 years of age or older may participate in studio practices by obtaining written consent of their parents.
Can we bring guests to the sessions?
You cannot bring your guests free of charge to the practice. But of course, you can come together by paying for a single session for your guest.
Who can practice yoga?
Anyone at any age can practice yoga.

Now is the right time to start doing yoga

Are you new to yoga? You can take the first step on your yoga journey by participating in the practices suitable for complete beginners in our studios every morning and every evening.
Now is the right time to start doing yoga