CY Restorative

CY Restorative yoga slows things down as a way to ground and restore energy, strength and vitality to the body, nervous system and spirit. Time, active-alignment, sequence and attention/intention are the main ingredients that make this practice so transformative and an essential part of a regular yoga practice. By holding poses for longer periods of time, muscle tissue is allowed to heat and open allowing for an expanded and healthier range of motion. Using the CY Method Alignment Principles, the intelligence of the body is honored, ensuring that as the muscle-body transforms, it does so in a healthy and integrated way. Attention to alignment keeps the student active and awake, which deepens the awareness of the mind-body-heart connection. Using CY Method sequencing tools, poses and sequences are chosen that ground and open the body while deepening the experience.

This training aims to help yoga experts who have completed the 200-hour basic yoga specialization program to safely add CY Restorative yoga to their practice or sessions. It is also open to students who would like to take their practice to next level !