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The Fundamentals of Cihangir Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Specialization Programs

The Fundamentals of Cihangir Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Specialization Programs are designed provide you with development tools both to teach the basics of yoga professionally and add value to your life powerfully. It offers a unique transformative experience for anyone who wants to become a yoga expert, get deeper in their yoga practice, or get closer to themselves.

Our 200-Hour Specialization Programs are offered by our highly qualified, experienced and colorful staff who have participated in hundreds of hours of local and international programs, organized and developed programs, received advanced-level expertise, transformed their lives with yoga, and who enjoy sharing the love of yoga.

Our programs have been created with Cihangir Yoga Method, diligently prepared and developed as a result of many years of effort and experience. With the leadership of our esteemed experts, our inspiring community and the CY Method, you can find all the support you need to complete your program in Cihangir Yoga with confidence, pleasure and convenience.

In addition to Istanbul, where Cihangir Yoga studios are located, 200 Hours of Specialization Programs, which has it conducted in different cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Bodrum, are now continuing with Live Stream

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