Studio Guidelines

Please read the rules applicable in our studio during the Covid 19 process. We request the attention of all our members so that our classes can continue in a healthy way.

  1. It is forbidden to enter the studio without a mask. Please remember to wear your mask except for practice.
  2. In order to maintain the social distance in the common areas, we kindly ask you not to wait in these outside of the classroom.
  3. Temperature measurement will be made at the entrances. Those with a fever above 38 degrees will not be admitted to the studio.
  4. Please bring your own mat and personal equipment.
  5. Only 2 members of us can use the changing rooms at the same time. Showers will not be used.
  6. Do not forget to make a reservation to attend the sessions. Since our capacity is limited due to regulations, you must make a reservation for the courses, and if you cannot come, you must cancel your reservation.

Thank you for being sensitive to our guideline.

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