Studio Guidelines

Please read our studio rules for a peaceful environment and equal terms for everyone.

  1. We have everything you need to practice yoga and mat pilates in our studios. You can use our mats or bring your own. If you are using our mats, please keep them clean with our ecological mat cleaners.
  2. In order to keep the classes flowing and for you to optimally benefit from the practice, we ask you to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class starts. Please keep in mind that that you can only enter class within 10 minutes after it has started.
  3. We expect you to come to the desk and scan your card before each class so we can see your attendance. Do not forget to place your card at the front of your mat so that the teacher can assist you by name.
  4. We ask you to be sensitive to our students who may have allergic reactions or who are sensitive to smells and refrain from wearing strong perfumes and deodorants.
  5. For the comfort of students who are in other classes, we recommend being as quiet as possible before and after class.
  6. If you have to leave the class early, please inform the teacher beforehand and place your mat closer to the exit and leave before Shavasana.
  7. Please help us to keep our studio ready for the next class by putting the props that you used in their proper places after class.
  8. For your valuables, you can use the studio lockers. The locker keys are at your responsibility.
  9. We recommend you to leave your drinks and glasses out of the studio for your safety.
  10. In order to maintain the flow of the class, we expect you not to bring your mobile phones to the studios.

Thank you for being sensitive to our guideline.

You can always send your recommendations about our studios, schedule, teachers and personnel to