Cihangir Yoga Experts

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Ali Rıza Mumoğlu

Yoga is a journey towards true physical and spiritual self for me.

Aslıhan Özeker

Yoga is a tool to getting to know life and myself, growing out of physical and spiritual boundaries, learning to express the creativity and power within.

Asu Somer

Yoga is the exploration of oneself. Freedom from misimpressions.

Ayşe Demir

Yoga is knowing the body, learning from the body, being aware and reflecting upon life for me.

Bade Gül Kılınç

Yoga is to bond, to realize, to be open for me.

Banu Çadırcı

Yoga is awareness for me.

Bengisu Çırakoğlu

Yoga is a space where I am aware of myself, which keeps my mind and body united and where I feel alive.

Berna Ünlü

Yoga is a way of returning to the essence and experiencing wholeness.

Can Bora

Yoga is one of the most valid instruments to discover oneself and humanity for me.

Chris Chavez

Yoga is the art and practice of making a connection with my own reality for me.

Damla Açıkada

Yoga is living every moment with body/mindfulness for me.

Deniz Demiroğlu

Yoga is a way of life for me.

Deniz Orbay

Yoga is the best way to stay awake and see myself.

Derya Çakmak

Yoga is a path of discovery where I can get sincere with myself in a simple and honest way.

Didem Okutgen

Yoga is the discovery of existence and life, acceptance of the whole for me.

Dilek Rodoplu

Yoga is an encounter with myself, a journey in self-discovery for me.

Duygu Bingöl

Yoga is a way to gaze within and knowing the self for me.

Duygu Ela Erdoğan

Yoga is transformation, approaching the truth, modesty and honesty for me.

Ece Akçiçek

Yoga and Pilates is a journey for me to explore my body, my limits, my potential, my mind and the universe, to create a better world by living, deepening and sharing every moment with awareness.

Ekin Teymen

Yoga is making deeper connection with yourself and your environment, exploring your potential and being able to live and communicate your truth, and of course inner peace for me.

Fırat Tosun

Yoga is a journey I take towards my true self and a state of being in which it is possible to make the body, mind and the heart congruent and to look unsubtly to what happens at that moment by listening to your inner voice.

Gamze Demirhan

Yoga is being myself, to be aware, to be whole and to be free.

Gökçe Akyıldız

Yoga is an endless process of exploration to me, a fascinating body-mind-spirit-breath harmony.

Görkem Canverdi

Yoga is a journey inwards to come to an understanding of true self and grow spiritually for me.

Gülsen Tuncer

Yoga is a sincere journey I started to get to know myself.

Hakan Aktürk

Yoga is research and journey to the emotions, feelings through physical movement for me.

İdil Kemer

Yoga is the art and practice of connecting to myself.

İdil Tuna

Yoga is becoming free within the unity for me.

İpek Soygür

Yoga is an amazing path towards my true self.

İrem Güneş

Yoga is life that flows as it is; not pretending to be; headphones between me and my inner voice.

Mehtap Yıldız

Yoga is embracing myself with all my parts and getting closer to my true self.

Melisa Özerdim

Yoga is unity. Through practice, I feel the unity of the breath, mind and body and that lets me feel more free.

Meltem Fakabasmaz

Yoga is the art of communicating with myself.

Müge Özkan

Yoga is a perfect practice which increases the connection to the Self, encourages you to work with your own matters.

Naz Şarman

Yoga is the art of of managing life.

Necla Naşide Uçar

Yoga is a journey for me.

Nihan Altuğ

Yoga is a way of living where I feel more alive and stronger while increasing my body awareness.

Onur Aksoy

Yoga is to connect and getting free of vulgar disorder of the individual, followed by getting in tune with the harmony of the whole.

Özgür Kaplan

Yoga is an incredible practice that allows us to go on a journey towards ourselves in physical, mental and spiritual areas, reminding us that we are integrated with other people, animals, nature, and the cosmos.

Özgür Oral

Yoga, for me, is the best way to express my feelings, thoughts and life experiences.

Rebekka Haas Çetin

With yoga you begin a loving relationship with yourself to fully participate in the magic adventure of life.

Rita Menda

Yoga is acceptance, surrender and peace for me.

Şaylan Yılmaz

Yoga means overcoming the difficulties on my way to reaching my potential. Beyond the difficulties lies freedom.

Şebnem Sürücü

Pilates is a basic, supportive and safe working system that encourages the development and the discovery of bodily potentials for the development of power, flexibility and coordination.

Sermin Erdem

Yoga is self discovery and awareness.

Şeyda Tosçalı

Yoga, for me, is a form of life where I can get the chance to learn more about myself.

Sinem Mengi

For me it means living in the moment with awareness and learning to love mindfully.

Tuğba Gerçin

Yoga is the art of discovering my nature.

Yeşim Oral

Yoga is a guide for me to find the science, energy and power within me.

Zeyneb Uras

Yoga is a practice of awareness that unites everyone in love. Awareness and love are intertwined.

Zeynep Gürsoy

Yoga is to think less and to feel more.