CY 300

Cihangir Yoga 300-Hour Transformative Yoga Path Program

Cihangir Yoga 300-Hour Transformative Yoga Path, led by Cihangir Yoga's co-partner and internationally renowned yoga expert Chris Chavez, was designed to help people who have already completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-approved specialization program improve their ability to transfer their work, practice and knowledge.

Cihangir Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Specialization Program is open to all participants who have received a 200-Hour Yoga Specialization certificate from a Yoga Alliance-approved studio. A limited number of experienced participants who do not have a 200-hour certificate can be admitted to our specialist programs with the approval of our experts.

Modules that make up this program are under two main topics: Primary (Compulsory) and Complementary. All modules are repeated every year. You can start the program by taking any module you want.

Although it is possible to complete the whole program in 1 year, we recommend that you give yourself some time between modules. In this way, you will find time to assimilate and internalize the knowledge.

You can complete the program in no more than 3 years. Upon completion of all all modules, you will receive your “300 Hour Transformative Yoga Path” certificate.

Each module aims to enhance and deepen your life experience and yoga expertise.

Primary (Required) Modules

Asana Lab with Fırat Tosun (15 Hours)
Advanced poses will be examined in detail in our program, which will take your practice to the next level.

Advanced Practice with Chris Chavez (18 Hours)
December 4 -6, 2020, Cihangir Yoga, Caddebostan / Live Stream
This advanced workshop is purely PRACTICAL.
We will explore advanced poses and sequences and radically improve our practice of pranayama and meditation.

Sequence Creation Workshop with İpek Soygür (15 Hours)
December 18th-20th, 2020, Cihangir Yoga, Caddebostan / Live Stream
in this program will be shared the tools necessary for building intelligent multi-level sequences.

Mentorship Program
January 2021
Mentorship (50 Hours) + Assistantship (30 Hours)

Yoga Philosophy in Life and Practice with Carlos Pomeda and Zeyneb Uras (30 Hours)
January 2021
Through one of the most respected yoga masters in the world, you will be introduced to the most powerful and secret teachings and meditations of yoga tradition. You'll also learn how to use the teachings of each day to experience the practice more deeply, design meaningful sessions, and create a powerful session coming from your essence.

Chris Chavez Advanced (15 Hours)
May 2021
In the light of ancient knowledge, we will embark on a journey in which we will deepen knowledge, practice, pranayama, and meditation. This intense workshop is open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of life.

Studio Practice with CY 300 Experts (50 Hours)
To complete the 300-Hour Transformation Yoga Path Program, you must attend the following Studio and Online practices:

  • 20 Studio Practices with Chris Chavez
  • 30 Studio Practices with other experts offering programs under CY 300

The retreat hours you spend with the experts mentioned above count towards studio practice as well. If you are unable to attend our experts’ studio practices, you can join one of their retreats.

Complementary Modules

Bhagavad Gita for Times of Crisis Study Group with Carlos Pomeda- LIVE STREAM
September 30- October 28,2020
A 5 week study group that will take you to the depths of the ancient txt of Bhagavad Gita.

Deep Resilience Immersion: The Yoga of the Future with Godfrey Devereux LIVE STREAM
November 13-19, 2020
We are living in unstable and unpredictable times. To be able to engage with whatever life brings we need natural intelligence to be flowing as freely as possible. This experiential Immersion will focus on releasing somatic and spiritual intelligence from the anxieties and assumptions of mind by way of the pleasure nature of the body. 

Applied Ayurveda with Konstantinos Charantiniotis (15 Hours) LIVE STREAM
NOVEMBER 27-29 2020
In this program, you will learn how to integrate Ayurveda into your yoga practice and gain knowledge that will give your students a deep understanding about body types. In addition, you will learn the basic concepts of Ayurveda and how to relate the 5 elements of nature to daily life. You'll be introduced to tools that you can use when teaching private lessons and help your students develop yoga practices that fit their physical and mental nature.

Local and International Workshops

Specialized Programs and Workshops (Maximum 30 Hours)
Cihangir Yoga hosts major international events each year. Both local and international workshops can count towards the 300 Hour Certificate Program. You can follow which activities are included in this program on our website and Facebook page.

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