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13 January 2020

Meditasyon Yazı Dizisi 2

Meditasyon yapmak derken aslında basitçe, bir tekniği sürekli olarak uygulamaktan bahsediyoruz. Bunu yeni yeni uygulayan veya uygulamak isteyen kişinin sıklıkla düştüğü bir tuzak vardır. Sanılır ki; meditasyon yapabilmek için öncelikle düşünceleri durdurmak gerekir.
26 November 2019

The CY Method

The CY method developed quite organically and came into being so that the teachers that were trained by or taught at Cihangir Yoga, would share a common language and method when creating and delivering a class.
13 September 2019

With Every Aware Step

A feeling arose one day. It must be more than two years ago. Years pass by so fast, in five- or ten-years’ time who knows what I will be doing, where I will be? Cihangir Yoga should not age with me!
I started practicing yoga in New York in a large studio with high ceilings, tile-brick walls quite typical of Manhattan.
It was then that I saw the first October snow in my life. Even when we move a little away from home, the climate changes quickly.