Advanced Yoga Philosophy with Carlos Pomeda, Upanishads and Tantric Meditation- Live Stream

Advanced Yoga Philosophy with Carlos Pomeda, Upanishads and Tantric Meditation- Live Stream

16 January 2023 - 20 January 2023
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  • Event Duration : 5 days
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Sub Modules

16-January-2023 18-January-2023 Upanishads

16-17-18 January - Upanishads

16-January-2023 Monday 20:00 - 22:00
17-January-2023 Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00
18-January-2023 Wednesday 20:00 - 22:00

19-January-2023 20-January-2023 Tantric Meditation

19-20 january- Tantric Meditation

19-January-2023 Thursday 00:00 - 00:00
20-January-2023 Friday 00:00 - 00:00

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Advanced Yoga Philosophy with Carlos Pomeda - Live Stream 

Upanishads and Tantric Meditation

Through one of the most accomplished yoga scholars in the world, Carlos Pomeda, you will be exposed to some of the most powerful and secret teachings and meditations of the yoga tradition.

16-20 January 2023

16-17-18 January - Upanishads

19-20 January - Tantric Meditation

Hours: 20.00-22.00

This workshop is part of  CY 300 Hour Master Path To Yoga


We invite you to dive into the secret wisdom of the ancient yoga texts. Explore the Upanishads, which are perhaps the oldest mystical and philosophical texts available to mankind, containing the teachings and wisdom of the ancient sages. These sublime texts unfold for us a profound view of who we are and of the deepest dimensions of the world we live in and the purpose of existence. For this reason, they were traditionally meant to be received not from a book, but directly from a teacher. 

The workshop will combine a lively and insightful presentation of some of the most important teachings of the Upanishads, as well as the opportunity to directly experience some of the ancient meditative practices they contain.

The Ocean of Nectar:

An Immersion in the Vijnana-bhairava Tantra

“That state of the self is internal and filled with the bliss of one’s experience.

One who is established in any of these methods, what he experiences day after day is fulfilled, until he attains complete satisfaction”

Vijnana-bhairava 15, 148.

There is a treasure trove of meditation in the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, and one of its greatest sources is the revealed text known as Vijnana-bhairava Tantra. In it, the Goddess plays the role of student and asks Shiva for instruction. The reply, however, does not come in the form of doctrines, but in the form of 112 methods of meditation. The message is clear: the ultimate answer to the deepest questions of life lies within.

In this two-day course, we will immerse ourselves in the nectarean ocean of meditative practices selected from this sublime text. As we progress through the various forms of meditation, the inner state becomes deeper and deeper, supported by our contemplation, analysis and discussions. If you’ve ever felt like immersing yourself in meditation but felt perhaps too busy for a prolonged retreat, this course is for you! It is designed particularly to deepen our understanding and experience of meditation, to shift our internal state and anchor it firmly in internal, blissful awareness. It will be a true banquet for the soul.

Open to all levels of experience in meditation.

Recommended Reading Material:

Lakshman Joo, Swami. Vijnana Bhairava: The Practice of Centring Awareness. ISBN: 81-86569-35-9

Muktananda, Swami. Meditate: Happiness Lies Within You. ISBN: 0911307621

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