Patanjali Revealed with Carlos Pomeda Online Study Group

Patanjali Revealed with Carlos Pomeda Online Study Group

06 October 2021 - 22 December 2021
Cihangir Yoga Live Stream
  • Event Duration : 11 Hafta
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Yoga Sutras: Patanjali Revealed with Carlos Pomeda Online Study Group

Dates : Every Wednesday, starting October 6 until December 22. The study group will continue until the txt is completed. 
Hours : 20.00 - 22.00 
Price : 125 TL  ( one sessions) 1200 TL for the complete sessions.

What is the innermost secret of yoga ? How can the mind find true peace? In what way do the practices of yoga connect to the rest of my life? Why are Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras such an important text in the yoga tradition? And why have the Yoga Sutras been so misunderstood? These are some of the questions that we will be exploring in this study group. By regular, weekly, meetings we will have the best opportunity of diving beyond the popular, superficial readings of this fascinating and important text. We will not only have an opportunity to recover the “original” teachings of Patanjali, but--more importantly—to receive an immediately applicable understanding of the practices and principles that can take our yoga practice to a whole other dimension of depth. 

We will be exploring the main teachings of this foundational text, contemplating their implications and practicing some of the major approaches that Patanjali offered, which have survived the rigorous test of time.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

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