Necla Naşide Uçar

Yoga is a journey for me.

About the Expert

What does Yoga mean to me?

I see that as a journey, it starts with questions like “Who am I?” or “What am I looking for?”. The questions might vary however we all have questions and sometimes we feel lost like there is something missing, something is wrong. I see yoga as a way to realize we are all here to experience life. It gives you strength to own whatever you have and feel.

Three words that describe my session:

Gives you space to find your own practice, flow, pure.

Why do I love practicing yoga?

I love staying with my breath and facing myself. Body is my home and practicing helps me to come back to myself when I forget it. Practice just feels so honest, naked and strong.

Why do I love sharing my yoga knowledge & experience?

I was always curious about human beings. Sharing my experiences makes me a student as well. Also, I believe we are here to share and maybe to create an impact on each other’s lives.


Turkish, English