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Newcomers! You can start the journey with our Intro Package:
You get 1 month of unlimited yoga and pilates at a great price!

Intro Offer price is different in our studios. Please visit Our Fees page to learn about it. Suitable practices for you like CY 1, Yin Yoga and CY Functional are held at least once each day of the week. We recommend you to try various CY 1 practices by our various experts. We suggest CY 2 after 3 months of practice, CY 2 and CY 3 for 6 months of practice, and CY Advanced for those who can do the handstand by a wall and fully get in the Urdhva Dhanurasana pose.

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CY Blog

YOGA FOR RUNNERS What are the benefits of Yoga for runners? Yoga is a full-body experience and it is the perfect compliment to any physical routine, especially running. A regular yoga practice will bring body-balance by building strength, stamina, and flexibility to all muscle groups. Additionally, the breath awareness and mindfulness practices of yoga will…


CY Uzman Blogları

This is the most important intake from the Aladdin movie. I kept on repeating this sentence over and over again since I saw the movie last Friday. It’s kind of my master thesis. I have been working on that for a long while. We all keep on day dreaming. We keep on ignoring what is…