Cihangir Yoga is a premier yoga studio with four locations in İstanbul (Istinye, Cihangir & Caddebostan) and Ankara (Çankaya); offering more than 1000 classes in a variety of styles like Fundamentals of Cihangir Yoga 1, 2, 3 and Advanced, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Maternity & Children’s yoga and more. Our motto is ‘yoga for everyone’ and our goal is to make the practice of yoga available and accessible to everyone using safe & contemporary methods of Hatha Yoga. With a membership or a class package you can join our community in any of our four studio locations.

Cihangir Yoga is a safe place to practice yoga with a great community of teachers, supported and guided by Cihangir Yoga partners, Rebekka Haas Çetin, Zeyneb Uras, Emir Uras, Chris Chavez and Alev Belviranlı.

Cihangir Yoga has been a starting point for thousands of participants and hundreds of instructors in Istanbul and Ankara.

We want to nourish and support the development of our students and instructors. To ensure the continuous development of yoga instructors, we have created a structure that further develops instructors through mentorship, workshops and sessions. Our structure also recognizes instuctors who have made a long and deep commitment to the practice of yoga.

Our long term programs are; 200 Hour Path to Yoga with Chris Chavez, Yin Yoga with Berivan Aslan supported by Paul Grilley. 200 Hour Foundations of Cihangir Yoga is thought by Zeyneb Uras, Naz Şarman, Barış İşcan.
Banu Çadırcı offers yoga for special conditions with Gary Kraftsow’s method.

Continually evolving our programs, we now offer The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Transformative Yoga Path. We are proud to be bringing together both international and local instructors for one of the most comprehensive and in-depth trainings in Turkey and the world.

The Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Transformative Yoga Path is designed to take any teacher who has completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour training and elevate them in the practice and sharing of their yoga knowledge.

Upon completion of the 200 hour certification newly qualified instructors have the opportunity to begin a mentorship program at Cihangir Yoga. We have found that the mentorship provides an invaluable experience for new instructors. It helps give the confidence needed to start working professionally.

Every year, we host workshops with internationally celebrated teachers like Elena Brower, Donna Farhi, Godfrey Devereux, Seane Corn, Sianna Sherman, Douglas Brooks, Carlos Pomeda, Konstantinos Charantiniotis, Nico Luce, Meghan Currie.

The 10 TL community sessions has been a signature in Cihangir Yoga, making yoga available for the community with no other commitment and supporting the development of new instuctors.

Although our certified instructors do safe and considered yoga sessions, please read the guidelines so that we can practice yoga in the safest and most effective way.

‘Yoga For Everyone’