Mar 13, 2020

Membership Freezing and New Precautions In Our Studios

We are closely following the developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dear member,

We are closely following the developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). Our esteemed members, after the first coronavirus case in Europe was confirmed, we, as Cihangir Yoga, improved our hygiene rules in our studios, and shared the detailed information about this in the e-bulletin that we sent to you, and we will continue sharing this news. As Cihangir Yoga, we have decided to keep our studios open for as long as possible with the awareness and belief that there is more need for yoga in these difficult times.


As we continue to follow the developments closely, we would like to inform you that those of you who are concerned about attending group classes, will have the right to suspend your memberships for 15 days. Regardless of whether you have the right to suspend your membership or not, this is a right that Cihangir Yoga allows all of its members. You will still be able to use your original right to suspend your membership at any time. If you have any concerns and would like to take a break from our group lessons, please send an e-mail to regarding the suspension of your membership and your 15-day suspension will start immediately.


You may also extend this period later if it is considered necessary as a result of the developments.


We especially ask our members who are sick or suspect that they are sick not to attend any of the classes.


We would like to acknowledge you that we have reduced the number of students allowed in classes by 50% in order to be able to make sufficient space for each student. For this reason, we recommend you to book your classes through Cihangir Yoga App.


On the other hand, we kindly ask our members coming to the classes to bring their own mats. If you don’t have a mat, you can bring a towel and put it on CY mats. Or else you can buy a mat for your personal usage from our shops. We will support you by making 20% ​​discount on all purchases in mats.


If you are using the CY mats, please make sure to clean them with the antiseptic sprays provided in the classrooms both before and after the session.


As Cihangir Yoga, we will always continue to do our best to support our community. Let’s keep in mind that many studies have shown that yoga specifically supports the immune system. For this reason, we can contribute to maintaining our practices well by acting with the necessary awareness.


In this process, we thank you all for your care and cooperation.


You can reach the informative e-mail we sent you before on CY Blog here.




You can follow the precautions we have taken regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and the informative articles we publish on our CY Blog page.


Cihangir Yoga