Covid-19 Information


Within the scope of the measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic (Covid-19) included in the scope of the "Pandemic" by the World Health Organization, at the stage of the controlled normalization process, the measures to be taken by our company within the scope of the Regulation on Special Physical Education and Sports Facilities, the Regulation on Opening a Workplace and Work Permits and other legislation In addition to the measures regarding occupational health and safety, TC Ministry of Interior, T.C. All necessary measures are taken in accordance with the circulars and guidelines published by the Ministry of Health and other Ministries. The Membership Agreement Supplement on this Covid-19 Policies and Procedures has been prepared in order to determine the individual obligations within the scope of combating the Covid-19 outbreak, in order to determine the Covid-19 policies and the rules that members must comply with; It is an annex and an integral part of the Membership Agreement in force between the parties.

1. Member, in accordance with the Circulars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has been informed about the measures taken by our Company within the scope of Covid-19 policies and announced at the studio entrances and other areas within the studio, and will comply with all these measures taken, and will act in accordance with the warnings made within the studio; It will fully comply with the rules and notifications to be announced and / or communicated by our company through various media and the following issues; In the event that changes are required in accordance with the decisions of the official authorities in the matters specified herein, these changes will be notified to the contact information provided during membership and / or announced on the website and will be bound by these notifications.

i. Pursuant to the legislation, people with chronic illnesses, fever, cough, runny nose, respiratory distress, and nursing home, prison and care center employees will not be admitted to the studio; The member declares and undertakes that he knows this matter and that there is no obstacle to his admission to the studio and that his entrance to the studio is conditional on meeting these criteria. The member shall not make any misleading statement or action regarding the matters specified in this article.

ii. If necessary, temperature measurement will be made at the entrances of our studios in accordance with the legal regulations; Persons with a temperature higher than 38 ° C will not be allowed into the studio. The member acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he knows that the practice of death of fire is a requirement of the legal legislation, he gives his consent and express consent to the fire measurement at the studio entrances, and that he will not make any objection to not be taken to the studio if his temperature is higher than 38 ° C. If the application of temperature measurement is made, the measurement results will not be recorded, transferred and / or made a part of a data recording system or processed in any other way by our Company.

iii. The member is obliged to read and strictly obey the information and instructions regarding the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19, which are hung at the entrance and / or inside the studio.

iv. During the current period, the capacity to recruit members to the studios is T.C. Ministry of Health, T.R. It will be determined over square meters deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the relevant ministries. The member will maintain social distance with other members, customers and employees.

v. The member will wear a mask before entering the studio and the mask usage rules will be followed. Members without a mask will not be admitted to the studio. Masks will continue to be worn in the studio, and the mask can be removed during practice. Movements that are likely to touch the tools and the floor of the face area will not be made.

vi. Surfaces will not be touched in the studio unless required. Be aware of the surfaces that can be touched frequently and hand antiseptic will be used when touching these areas.

vii. Hands will not be touched during the practice. Personal towels will be used.

viii. During the controlled normalization process, the water dispenser where members and employees can gather, recreation rooms, and similar places where food and beverage service can be served will be closed. Members will not request food or drinks.

ix. Members will not be allowed to wait in the gyms, except for resting breaks between exercises.

2. The Member states that all the information that he / she has declared in the Membership Form within the Scope of the Covid-19 Outbreak and that it is necessary to enter the studio and / or use the studio, is accurate and up-to-date; It accepts, declares and undertakes that in case of breach of this obligation, all kinds of responsibilities, including damages to our Company and third parties, belong to it.

3. The Member will strictly abide by the rules listed in this document and the decisions of the official authorities or authorities, even if they are not counted in this document, and the declarations of warnings, instructions, guidance and recommendations; that he / she is aware of his / her individual and social responsibilities and obligations in this process, if he / she acts contrary to these issues and / or any other cause, etc. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not hold our Company responsible for the situations.

4. The Member cannot claim that the rights mentioned in the Membership Agreement have been violated and / or defective service has been provided by our Company on the basis of the measures taken and / or to be taken within the scope of the Covid-19 Outbreak.