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The “TERMS OF USE” defined herein will apply to www.cihangiryoga.com website and all information and indexes included in this “SITE”.

Please read these provisions of TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY carefully before using the SITE. By entering the SITE and continuing the usage of the SITE, you shall be deemed informed about the terms and provisions and that you have accepted the terms and provisions concerned. In case of not accepting these terms and conditions, please refrain from using our SITE.

Definitions herein stated as below set out the corresponding meanings:

“SECURITY AND DISCLOSURE”: The provisions that includes the regulations of security and disclosure and the provisions that are defined herein and presented in the SITE.

“USER”: On the condition of reading and accepting the TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY PILICY, individuals and corporate entities who enter the SITE and make use of the SITE in compliance with the terms and conditions.

“SITE”: www.Cihangir Yoga.com website and name of domain.

“Cihangir Yoga”: Cihangir Yoga Hizmetleri ve Ürünleri Yayımcılık Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş.

The individual USER’s hereby declares that they are above 18 with using this SITE.

The USER, hereby accepts that its information stated in this SITE is true and updated, and all consequences of untrue declarations shall be borne on him/herself. The USER hereby declares that the usage of this site is not against its corporate documents and related provisions.

Cihangir Yoga, struggles with maximum effort to maintain the SITE up to date however does not give guarantee for the issue of every information remaining in the SITE is up to date. Cihangir Yoga has always the right to make changes unilaterally to the information and contents within the SITE. The changes take effect in time of publication.

The information and contents that are in the SITE are provided “as is”. Cihangir Yoga assumes no liability or responsibility for damages that may arise from transactions which is done by USER, visitor or real and corporate entities that are informed by the information that in the SITE have made based on the interpretation of the information contained in the site.

All responsibility for the usage of the SITE belongs to you. In this regard, we advise you to gain entry to the SITE only through submitting correct information by authorized individuals.

We accept no responsibility regarding direct and indirect, tangible and intangible damages including loss of profit that can arise from the usage of the SITE.

Despite the implementation of best security systems regarding the protection of the SITE, we do not guarantee uninterrupted service for issue of usages. We would like to state that we shall not be liable for any loss or damage of the link failures, telephone failures, overload of the network, technical faults, government measurements and the attacks of third parties to the SITE and to the portal or other actions that prevent the usage of the site that occur beyond our control and of any force majeure not limited to these reasons but cause temporary disruptions, failure and other adverse consequences caused.

Cihangir Yoga cannot be held responsible for the act or omission occurring stemming from the loss of, or damage to the USER

You must refrain from making attempts of unauthorized entries to the SITE, or any databases, or computers in connection with the SITE.

You must not conduct attacks to the SITE that will cause system’s main resources unusable or limit or prevent the usage of system’s main resources. In case of breach of this condition, you will be committing a crime in scope of the law that is in effect. In case of the occurrence of such an infringement, we hereby state that we will apply to the law enforcement agencies and will disclose your identity and will be working in cooperation. In case of such a breach, your right to use the SITE will cease immediately.

We are not responsible for losses and damages towards your computer hardware, your computer programs, data and other relevant materials that arise from viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs and other similar harmful technological materials and occurs when affected by factors that are caused by the usage of the SITE or sites in connection or the download of the contents and materials that are in the SITE.

By including Viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs and similar other harmful technological materials and elements to the SITE thus rendering the SITE unusable or limit or prevent the usage of the SITE therein resulting in any damage and loss to us or third parties we would like to state that you will be directly responsible regardless of the degree of fault. Please use only genuine and safe software for your computer and make sure your system is free of virus and such malicious malware before entering the SITE.

All intellectual and industrial property rights, informative contents and materials in the SITE is the property of Cihangir Yoga. All contents that are in the SITE are protected by the legislation of protection of intellectual and industrial property rights and international agreements. USERS can not copy the information, design and contents of this SITE without authorization and use for commercial purposes. The same or similar as the first glance would suggest that the same site can not be created or shared by third parties. Can not copy the link which exists herein, or refer with commercial purposes. Cihangir Yoga is not responsible of the transactions made in result of the presence in another domain name or website or direction of links.

As Cihangir Yoga we may change the TERMS OF USE at any time. You are expected to check TERMS OF USAGE for changes made from time to time, because their provisions are binding on your part. Some rules contained in the TERMS OF USE may be repealed within the SITE by publishing made in another section.

The law of the Republic of Turkey will be applicable in the interpretation and the enforcement of the TERMS OF USE. Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized in the solution process towards any dispute arising from or in connection with the TERMS OF USE and visits to SITE.

We will keep a record of information about you in our system and, we would like to remind you that by using the SITE as part of our privacy policy you deem to authorize the keeping of these records.

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