Jun 15, 2020

Have you heard about the measures we take in our studios?

All our studios have been disinfected in line with the epidemic management circular of the Ministry of Health.

Dear Member

* All our studios are being cleaned and disinfected after each yoga class. 

* A limited number of students are admitted to our studio according to the social distance rules, and a maximum of 2 people are accepted at the same time in the changing rooms. In order to use the common areas at a minimum, we kindly ask you to come ready for the sessions. Mats are laid in marked areas determined before the class.

* You may enter the studio with a mask only. Our staff also uses masks and protective equipment. There is no requirement for a mask during the practice, but please do not forget to wear it in common areas. 

* All sessions are 60 minutes by Ministry Order. Our studio is ventilated and disinfected after each session. Our system uses 100% fresh air. 

* You have easy access to hand disinfectants placed all around the studio

* Supporting yoga equipment is not used during the session. We kindly ask you to bring your own mat or mat towel and other personal equipment.

* Temperature check is carried out at studio entrances. Materials available for common use such as towels, glass cups, and magazines have been removed from our studios. Water dispenser is out of use. We kindly recommend bringing your own water bottle.

* Since there are a limited number of students in the sessions, we request you to come to the class by making a reservation on our website or Cihangir Yoga app. Our reservation system opens 24 hours before the practice. If you cannot make it to the class please Cancel your reservation so other people have a chance to practice in the studio. We have a reservation list in the system that opens up when there is a cancellation. 

*You may also join almost all our studio classes from our Live Stream platform on www.cihangiryoga.com

*Also, you can make all your membership purchases on our website.