CY 300 Master Path to Yoga

CY 300 Master Path to Yoga

17 January 2022 - 16 December 2022
CY Caddebostan+ Live Stream
  • Event Duration : 300 Hours
  • LIVE
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CY 300 Master Path to Yoga

Cihangir Yoga 300-Hour Master Path to Yoga is offered with its renewed format and brand new modules. We have gone to great lengths to provide the essential components necessary to become a great teacher! This newly updated program can be taken in person or  online.  You can participate module by module or register for the complete program.

Each module aims to enhance and deepen your life experience and yoga expertise.

Modül 1
Master Practice Intensive with Chris Chavez

Modül 2
CY Mentorship Program
20.06 - 20.12 2022 

Modül 3
Advanced Yoga Philosophy  with Carlos Pomeda
17-21.01.2022 Joy of Meditation/Dharma/The Mystery of Karma and the Journey of the Soul 

Bhakti  Sutras 19-23.09.2022 

Modül 4 
Master Therapeutics Intensive  with Chris Chavez

18-20 02.2022 

Modül 5 
CY Restorative with Fırat Tosun 
1-3 & 15-17. 04. 2022 

Modül 6 
Master Intensive with Chris Chavez 
27-29. 05. 2022 

Modül 7 
Physical Adjustments with Fırat Tosun
10-12 & 24-26 .06. 2022 

Modül 8 
Teaching Skills with Bade Gül Kılınç
2-3.07. 2022

Modül 9 
CY Asana Lab in Retreat with Fırat Tosun 
Çeşmeköy , İzmir 

*Accommodation and transportation are not included the price.

Modül 10 
Breath and Meditation with Bade Gül Kılınç 

Modül 11 
Sequencing with İpek Soygür 
17-18.12 2022

Modül 12 
Business of Yoga with Alev Belviranlı

Practice in the studio or online with CY200 and CY300 teachers  

*Studio and Live Stream classes are not included the price.